3+1 apartment in halic par complex

80000 $

post id:220422083307

company Heaven Real Estate
Konaklar, Gökçedeniz Sk. no:11 / B, 61100 Ortahisar/Trabzon
Post Id 220422083307
Gross Area 165
Net Area 155
Room Count 3+1
Building Old 1-5
wich floor 11
Floor Count 11
Heating Type coal fired heating system
Bathroom Count 1
Furnishes State no
Is In Residential Complex 1
orientation South

Our flat is ready for sale

Centrally located in Yomra Sancak District..

With Parent Bathroom Natural Gas is planned for the upcoming period, and it has not arrived yet.

Heating Boiler Will Be Put Against Any Chance This Year

It has a large balcony, the kitchen, the living room and 2 rooms open to the same balcony.

The flat is on the south side and receives the sun.

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